Why you need to have an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

It may seem unnecessary and unimportant, but it is actually a more useful and crucial device than you think. Not only does it protect your hardware but prevents data loss; increasing user productivity and keeps your files safe. Sudden power surge or short circuit can cause damage to your electronic devices and lose crucial data. Common issues relating to voltage include blackouts, brownout, noise, spikes and power surge.

Different Types of Power Problems

Blackout: Otherwise known as “power cut” can happen when a transformer is damaged or a downed power line.

Brownout: Caused by an overload of electrical circuit. For example, having too many electronic devices used at the same time.

Noise: Unclean power caused by interference. It looks small and harmless, but it can cause malfunction and corrupt files in the operating system and applications in your device.

Spike: A sudden increase in voltage that lasts for a very short amount of time.

Power Surge: A substantial increase in voltage caused by devices that use a large amount of voltage, and this can cause significant damage to your electronic devices.

All of these problems have one thing in common, which is damaging your electronic devices. Every device has an optimum voltage range that it works best at but if it exceeds over the range, it causes a high current and heats the internals of the circuit which will damage it, or if it underperforms below the optimum range, the device won’t work as it should and it struggles to perform optimally.

Choosing the Right Protection

There are no UPS that is suitable for every and any circumstances. There are many different types of UPS made for specific environments such as home, business, data center, and so on. 

Here what you need to look for before getting yourself a UPS:

– Complete surge suppression that filters out an unreliable voltage that could damage equipment.

– Site wiring fault indicator to ensure that your equipment is properly grounded

– Noise filtration preventing data corruption

– The backup power that’s immediate in case of a power outage

– Supports up to eight outlets for various equipment.

– Support protection of devices such as a network, serial port and data connections.

– Extra features such as battery replacement indicator, battery management, auto save & shutdown, power loss notification, customizable shutdown commands, conservation mode, temperature & humidity monitor.

– Management tools: status display, runtime, event log, remote management via web or remote computer.

– Lifetime warranty

A UPS is not made for 24/7 use of your device, but it is intended to give you the opportunity and more time to shut down your devices gracefully.


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