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CCTV Camera System

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CCTV technology has evolved greatly throughout the years. The new generation of CCTV offers useful features such as voice recognition system, remote viewing access. We will help you to decide where and how to place the cameras suitable to your needs.



Common Issues

Problems that most people face when it comes to Audio and Visuals

CCTV Not Recording

Miss-configuration, lack of storage space, and failing DVR components may lead to a faulty CCTV system. With unprofessional working, camera may not last long due to worker mistakes.

Black Screen

There is a good chance that the DVR box or the monitoring application can’t get a video signal which may result in a Black screen. Software or hardware issues may also be the culprit as it cuts off its display.

Video Flickering

CCTV video flickering are normally caused by interference or in a worst case scenario either is also due to incorrect installation, malfunctioning equipment or power supplies or even a bad ambient conditions.

The Facts

Ineffective CCTV camera system can cause significant impact to your lifestyle.

Crimes occur in KL & Selangor
Of violent case are unarmed robbery
Of property case are vehicle theft

Statistic extracted from various sources.

CCTV Installation Plan

CCTV planning is necessary in order to develop detailed equipment and cabling layout plans, blueprints, and wiring diagrams for internal and external security and access control systems, video surveillance and closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems. 

CCTV Angle of View

We help solve our client issue by carefully estimating the CCTV lens focal length and the most suitable location of video cameras to get the necessary image on the screen. 

CCTV Mobile View


Using Dahua's Technology cameras which empowers greater security systems


Following up with your Internet Service Provider to connect Dahua camera system into your phone

QR Scan

Scanning your QR to your phone to connect Dahua camera system into your phone


With Dahua's App, you can view your camera in anywhere and anytime using your phones or devices

To connect to a CCTV camera from your smartphone, connect the CCTV to a power source and download the DMSS app in your smartphone/tablet. Next, scan QR or manually enter the device’s Serial Number using the DMSS app to identify the device. 

Then, follow on-screen instructions to connect the device. You’ll also need to connect to your Wi-Fi. And you’re set! For more information, you can refer to Dahua’s User Manual.

Types of CCTV

360° Fisheye Camera

  • Ultra-wide angle lens that create dynamic viewing angle including panoramic 180 Degree and 360 Degrees.
  • Fisheye capable of saving cost without having to install additional cameras for potential blind spots providing greater awareness.

Dome CCTV Camera

  • Build for indoor and outdoor security surveillance which are most commonly used.
  • This CCTV camera is convenient to install and have IR night vision.

Sound Audio Camera

  • Enhanced CCTV system that has integrated with live sound recording and live visual images.
  • The audio CCTV camera is built to be flexible and to be placed anywhere without additional cables or connector.

Features & Support

A good camera installed by us is crucial to capture important and sharp images promptly.

smart ai video capture

Analyze your recorded video and process the data into useful information.

Our ‘Smart AI Video Capture’ will analyze your recordings and process the data into useful information such as facial recognition, car plate number reading and head counting. These lead to valuable clues to improved privacy and security.

Maintenance Support

We provide scheduled maintenance to keep your equipment working at its best.

To ensure your CCTV cameras are working in best shape, timely maintenance are required to be carried out. Our professional team helps you verify condition of CCTV surveillance system housing, wiring, cabling and recording equipment to prevent from any damages.

Mobile Compatability

Stay connected wherever you are with your mobile devices.

Modern CCTV cameras are mobile compatible allowing users to monitor business & home via live streaming on their mobile devices from everywhere anywhere. Users can install our apps for FREE with just a scan of QR code or download from Apple App Store, Android Play Store to add their network camera, NVR, DVR devices.

Reliable & Experienced

Our team are certified in providing planning, installation and maintenance for CCTV Surveillance Camera.

Zen-Y ICT Solution are trusted in delivering security solutions for residential and commercial properties in Malaysia. Our team are experienced in installing wide range of camera providing safest and reliable solutions to safeguard your family and premises.

CCTV Installation Project

Our technician deliver CCTV camera planning , wiring, cable management, termination, mounting, angle adjustment and nvr recorder setup.



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