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HR Payroll with Outsourcing functions are considerable to implement in your business. Outsourcing also ensures that your company’s payroll system are continuously on and minimizes errors. 

As such, HR Payroll also offers extra flexibility so that employers may decide which statutory contributions are required in their salary components.

Common Issues


HR is often frustrated with calculations and face a lot of mistakes in calculating monthly salaries, EIS, SOSCO, PCB, letter offering or KWSP due to limited time and lack of manpower.

HR leave period

When HR employees who are in-charge in payroll takes leave due to illness or other reasons, this can cause a delay in the payment of wages. Wages are sometimes delayed hence not paid on time.

Late Submission

Besides taking leaves, late submissions can also cause payments and other wages to be due late which would discourage employees and staff in the workplace including HR and payroll management.

The Facts


Data based in Malaysia

SOCSO’s HR Payroll Allowances Rate 2021
HR Payroll Capabilities
Manufacturing Sector (SME) Payroll 2020

Analysis extracted from various sources

Data Process & Upon Submission

Learn about the processes & procedures in HR Payroll

Time and Attendance

With an automation payroll system, HR is able to reduce the time-consumed to make payments. Automate accurate data also results in checking in and out employees attendances.

Tax Services

With stronger and efficient payroll automation, all tax bills and services are able to calculate faster and produce statistics and reports to the in-charge for more convenience.   

Paycheck Services

An efficient and reliable payroll automated system provides better and accurate paycheck calculations to avoid delays. With this, employees and other vendors will receive it sooner.


Easy customization via the options provided in various Payments, Deduction and Bonuses. With the options provided, an employer can choose not to contribute to certain regulatory contribution for a particular salary component.

Examples of Satutory Contribution:

  • EIS
  • PCB
  • KWSP
  • EPF

Claim & Expenses

Along with easy customizations, outsource of products or items which are needed by the company can be claimed by the company as paying for extra expenses for HR payroll systems.

Examples of Claims & Expenses:

  • Food & Drinks
  • Petrol & Natural Gas
  • Medical 

Appraisal Writing

HR Payroll will be provided with appraisal writing to characterize your staff’s performance during work period, including achievements, accomplished goals and other metrics on how they contributed to the company.

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Data processing & Checking

Our professional team will gather information from your staff to process the services. We will follow-up and update your status and help process all your services.

HR Payroll Advantages

Understand the benefits that HR Payroll can bring to your business

Quicker Payroll sum

Payrolls allow for faster calculations and deductions which could save time and energy for those who are in-charge of payrolls. Your company's workflow will be smoother and efficient.


HR is able to generate accurate pay slips and calculate bonuses, company expenses and holiday paychecks with minimum effort with the help of better and quicker payrolls.

Increase Automation

HR is able to automate many certain tasks such as year-end reports which reduce the burden towards the compliances due to quicker payroll and accurate data fabrication.


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