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Audio Visual

Smart Audio Visual (AV) has become a trend in recent years which includes custom LED transparent wall, interactive projection mapping, AV integration with Internet of Things (IoT). We deliver service for classrooms, workshops, seminars, special events, and meetings.

Common Issues

Problems that most people face when it comes to Audio and Visuals

Microphone feedback

Microphone captures the sound from speakers and the speaker plays the sound and this cycle repeats which creates a loud screeching noise called feedback.

unwanted Noise

Buzzing or low humming sounds that are unwanted have multiple causes such as faulty speaker or cable, frequency interference and many more.

playback processing

Audio and video are not sync with each other causing delays. Either the video is slower than the audio or the audio is slower than the video due to slow processing.


Regardless of size, LED panels might display at a low resolution which is blurry and painful to the eyes. The video also might not be smooth and has a lot of rainbow artifacts.

The Facts

Industry growth rate
Market Growth in 2024
Increased demand in multimedia content

Statistic extracted from various sources.

Audio & Visual Systems

Essential equipment for audio & visual systems


The use of a mixer is to adjust the sound profile and volume to enhance sound quality for your audiences to enjoy. You can control the treble, bass, base frequency and gain to your liking for a pleasant listening experience.


Ceiling or wall mounted speaker are widely used for places such as halls, conference rooms or even at home. With Dolby Atmos technology, you can have a true-to-life listening experience.


LED (Light Emitting Diode) panels are made out of millions of small micro diodes and its capable to light up to 12-bit of color and 8k resolution. They have no bezels which looks clean and nice from different angles.


Laser projectors are one of the most common types of visual displays. With fast projecting speed, all your slides are able to be display in a matter of seconds unlike lamp projectors that needs to be heated before projecting.


Motorized projector frames create a neat and clean look as it can be controlled using a remote control to elevate it to keep it out of sight if not in use and you can lower it whenever you want to use it.  


Pan–Tilt–Zoom camera is a camera that is capable of directional and zoom via remote control. PTZ controls are commonly used with professional video cameras in wedding ceremonies or even hall events.

Area Coverage

Locations that we specialize in for AV systems


We cover both large and small halls with the help of our professional team. We have the experience to setup your Audio and Visual system according to your expectations.


We will provide the most suitable Audio and Visual system for conference purposes. Businesses and meetings will be able to be conducted with minimal delays.


With high quality Dolby Atmos and JBL-certified speakers, you will experience better sound quality and surround sound for a more enjoyable and immersive experience.


Watching movies along with our featured sound systems and visual system for your home during the pandemic. Sound projecting to all sides to avoid any sound holes and able to tweak the sounds to be more quality when relaxing.


Laser projectors for school halls as it provides more accurate colors and better image stability for students to be able to see clearer from any distance and angle. Microphones with Digital Feedback Suppression to reduce feedback from microphones.

Our Services

Services that we provide for our clients

digital feedback suppression

Our professional team provides tools and software which helps reduce feedback while preserving amplification without compromising any sound quality during the process of suppression.

Room design

To setup Audio and Visual system in your room, our professional will check and give advice on the best location to position your screen and audio system which can help to minimize sound interference.

power sequences

Our team will be able to perform a proper shutdown sequence for your entire audio and visual system by using a set of commands and buttons. This helps to shutdown each system one by one.

Why Zen-Y?


The choice of the equipment affects the quality significantly.

Experienced Team

More than 10 years experience in commercial Audio-Visual live shows and projects commissioned in local and overseas.

membership of avixa

Accessibility to a wide range of equipment and technology to deliver the best result for you while maximizing your entertainment experience in the long run.


Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) awarded by AVIXA. An international recognized title in professional Audio-Visual industry.

Our Achievement

We’ve produced incredible result since 2018, and we’ll continue to exceed your expectation again.

22 Ft Widescreen Display

Our Past Projects

Enabling trust between us and our clients



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