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IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services refers to the way in which companies entrust the IT processes of their business functions to external vendors.

  • Any business process that can be done from an offshore location can be outsourced.
  • This includes functions like vendor collaboration, server monitoring, firewall protection and IT asset management inside the organization.

Common Scenarios

Recruitment Difficulty

A number of qualified candidates with proper experience and technical skillset are very low in the current market which can lead to recruiting difficulty.

Lack of Specific Skills

Hiring an all rounded IT staff for an organization isn't always easy due to the specialized skills needed to handle an IT department.

Hidden & Uncertain Cost

Training and hiring a new IT employee can cost a lot of money for a business company which also can't guarantee to live up to your expectation.

The Facts

Following shows the companies around the world using outsourcing that benefits the organisation.

Reduce and Control Lost
Free Up Internal Resources
Accelerate Company Reorganisation

Statistic extracted from Initial-O Global.

Why Outsource ?

Outsourcing allows you to free internal resources for other purposes.


Get your jobs done at a lower cost at the same time experience quality service.


Enable you to focus on building and developing your brand to provide higher value added services.


Get your jobs done better with our experience and lead to an increase in productivity and efficiency.

Access to skilled resources

Save the need of recruiting and training expensive resources for your business.

How we help you?

Most tasks can be completed effectively with the help from us.  

IT Audit

IT Auditor is responsible for evaluating an organization's existing infrastructure , company asset list, and validation of software licensing.


We provide both remote and on-site support to ensure everything is well-operated. Our support team are responsive and attentive to solve critical issues affecting our clients' daily operation.

vendor liaison

Handling multiple 3rd Party software or hardware can be challenging. Our team collaborate with vendors to work cohesively to provide single point contact for troubleshooting IT related issues.


IT Service provider is responsible for delivering high availability, quality, responsibility to our customers at any given time. Our rapid response to urgent issues based on Service Level Agreement (SLA) and guarantee to minimize downtime.

Comprehensive IT Managed Services

IT Auditing Checklist

Our complete IT Infrastructure assessment helps to review company’s existing IT environment  and gather related information about their strength and weaknesses.

IT Asset Management is process in which technician will have to check  on every department IT appliances’ physical condition and hardware well being  to ensure everything is running in optimum  condition. Another benefit is also to improve company’s decision making skills when upgrading IT appliances.

IT Technicians are responsible for checking on organization’s software licenses expiry date & validation to ensure operation to move smoothly.

Our company is a service provider helping clients to manage their server hosting which ensures application and websites are always running. We provide regular support for clients to ensure help is deliver when needed.

IT Technicians are responsible for handling software packages with requested from client to carry out installation and updating software packages. Our team deliver monitoring , maintenance and hardware OS installation when requested to ensure system always up to date.

Added Value Services

Reformat Service

Free of charge reformat service for contract clients who face software issues that prevents system to function properly which requires to reinstalling Windows.

Loan Unit Devices

Contract clients have privilege to loan IT devices and appliances for a limited period which is based on unit availability.

Technology Sharing

Our team share the latest tech knowledge and news to our clients to enhance their working efficiency and effectiveness.


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