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Student Price : RM 250

Performance Booster

SSD Drives

During Covid-19 pandemic, students and workers have shifted to study online or work from home which made computers essential devices to perform  day-to-day operations. Upgrading to SSD is affordable and can make enormous changes to your computer’s speed and performance.

You will Need To Upgrade SSD If.....

Wasting Time

Feeling like the day is not going through as your devices are running badly

Loading Too Long

With slow performance, productivity are affected as work can't be done

Comparing The Best

Searching either which suites the best with comparing SSD or HDD.

Common Misleading

When your laptop goes slow, you will usually…

Buy New One!

Your laptop may be slow, but that doesn't mean you need to replace it. Its expensive, upgrade SSD better.

Reformat Laptop!

It's only temporary though! Furthermore, formatting require necessary skills which could harm your data if not done properly.

Defrag Hard Disk!

This method can be risky due to computer power loss or abrupt power down. The files can be corrupted and can cause hard disk lifespan to reduce.


The Facts

Speed is the Key to keep productivity running 

Hard Disk Drives Failure Rate
SSD Speed Compared to HDD
< Watts
Energy Savings SSD

Statistic extracted from various sources


Conventional HDD

  • Less Durable
  • Slower Speed
  • More Power Consumption
  • Generate Noise
  • Heavier Weight 

High Performance SSD

  • Resistant to Drop
  • Faster Speed
  • Less Power Consumption
  • Silent Noise
  • Lighter Weight

4 Easy Steps to Upgrade

Making Your Life Worry Free From Home

1. Call & Get FREE Consultation

Whatsapp to request for SSD upgrades and get a free consultation.

2. Schedule For Pickup

After consultation, we will schedule a time which suits you best for a pickup at your location.

3. Backup & Installation

During the SSD installation , we will carefully backup all the data to avoid any risk of data loss.

4. Professional Delivery

Finally, we will ship the device back to your own premise without the hassle for you to travel.

All In One SSD Upgrade Plan

Making your life worry free from home!

Door-to-door Delivery

Guarantees that goods will be picked up and delivered safely to your premises.

Payment Upon Completion

A risk-free payment method where you only pay upon service is finalized.

Fast & Efficient Service

Upgrade complete within 2-3 Days.

Guaranteed No Data Loss

Data are backup and restore carefully to prevent data loss or corrupted.

1 Year Warranty

Period of twelve months from the date of shipment which terms & conditions apply.

No hidden charges

Trusted service with no extra cost.

Trusted By Our Clients

FREE Gifts Are Available Upon Confirm Ordering!


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