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Accounting Software

Accounting software is recognized to be relied on. The system supports users through their financial statements and reports to provide adequate information to make effective decisions.  

The Facts

Why accounting system matters in managing businesses

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Maximum penalty currently imposed on underpayment of tax
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Penalty for offenses involving an underpayment of tax
Penalty rate in the case of a voluntary disclosure

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Why Zen-Y?

It’s not the cost we’re concerned about, it’s the value

Quick Installation

We provide quick installation ensure users are able to use the system as soon as possible.

AIS Training

We provide Classroom, on-site and even group training to serve from small business to big corporations.

Professional Support

We provide full support for any user that face problems while using the system. On-site support is also an option from us whether it is setup, training or installing upgrade.

Essential Benefits

Improve your business drastically with better Accounting System.

1. Cost Effectiveness

Accounting system helps to reduce manual efforts and can perform the same operation more cost-effectively.

2. Time Effectiveness

Assist business organizations to reduce the amount of time involved in recording, classifying and reporting any financial information.

3. Easy accessibility

Data stored in a system can be retrieved via information system connected with internet anywhere, anytime.

4. Info Accuracy

Follow a predefined set of instructions, chances of error-prone information are less and therefore have an added advantage of accurate data.

Popular Features

It is convenient for your daily operations with just a few clicks away.

Whatsapp integration

With AIS, users can send Quotation, Invoice, Statement of account and many more documents to clients via WhatsApp with a few clicks away.

variety of user-define field

Easily altered and customized to suit all size of organization with user defined fields. Create the ideal documentation for each business size and workflow.

Key financial report

With just a few clicks, systems are able to generate various crucial and useful reports. Significantly reducing errors therefore create more accurate and precise reports.

Secure document lock

Documents can be locked and accessed to limit user access for security purposes. Users can limit employees’ access and control what they can access.


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