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What is a

Private Cloud?

Private Clouds are built for a single customer to use, thus providing the most effective control over data, security and service quality guaranteed better than public clouds. Private clouds can be deployed in the firewall of an enterprise data center, or they can be deployed in a secure hosting location.

Why choose Private Cloud

Even with a limited budget even small business still has an upper hand in the competition

Business uses private cloud
Run Enterprise Workload
Cloud Adoption Rate

Information extracted from Cloud Adoption Statistics for 2020

Types of Private Cloud

Internal (On-Premise)

Internal cloud, built by an organization in its own data center. This form has limitations in scale and resource scalability, but it is conducive to standardizing cloud service management processes and security. This method is suitable for organizations that need complete control over applications, platform configurations, and security mechanisms.


This private cloud is deployed outside the organization and managed by a third-party organization.The third party provides the organization with a dedicated cloud environment and guarantees privacy and confidentiality. Compared with the internal private cloud, this solution has lower cost and is easier to scale.

3 Steps to Private Cloud

Cloud Consulting

Consulting services to solve the troubles of business on the cloud, and at the same time help enterprises in the design of private cloud solutions and the design of business cloud deployment architecture.

Data center & Resource Procurement

Providing users with one-stop data center, computing, network, storage, cloud platform and other infrastructure required for private cloud construction, so that users do not need to face many suppliers and are unified Business interface.

Cloud Deployment & Management

Solves the technical threshold for enterprises to go to the cloud and reduces the comprehensive capability requirements of enterprise operation and maintenance for computing, network, and storage.

Features & Benefits

Choosing the right of Private Cloud for your Business

Data Backup

Back up important server data regularly through scheduled tasks or scripts.

Database performance optimization

Analyze the database running status and put forward reasonable optimization suggestions to ensure the efficient operation of the database.

Cluster environment deployment

According to business scenario analysis, provide operating system and application cluster deployment to ensure server high availability and loadability.

Cloud architecture security policy

Targeted provision of cloud architecture environment services, directories, and business port security risk-prone areas to configure access control and security policies.




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