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It’s often frustrating when facing with Wi-Fi connection lost due to unstable internet.

Over past few years, Wi-Fi is getting closer to cables speed and it provides the convenience of using within the range. Many companies are seeking for better Wi-Fi connection  for their workplace instead of cables

Common Issues


Wireless vs. Wired

The Internet speed of Wi-Fi 6 nearly match cable speed. Wi-Fi is able to connect multiple users whereas cable can only connect to one user.


Public WIFI Risk

The biggest risk for free public WIFI is your data security. Hackers will be able to monitor your computer and steal sensitive information.

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Cable wire has a limited range of connection while user can move around the area and stay connected to WIFI service.


The Facts

Internet down could cause catastrophic lost and business damage 

Internet Users in the World
Public WI-FI hotspot
Global Online Consumption per Day Covid-19 2020

Statistic extracted from various sources

Establish WiFi Network

Wi-Fi access point and router devices could be configured in many ways to stabilize your connection
while running businesses or browsing the web

Connection & Authentication

Establish network connection , prepare the identification for the user. This is carried out from the authentication protocols, in addition this protocol allows the creation of a password for access to the router, thus offering greater security.

Network Reception

Once router has communicated with the modem, which is the device in charge of receiving the Internet signal via cable, the routing hardware begins to work. This is where the signal distribution begins to be generated.

End-To-End Encrtyption

All this is done through the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), where all the information is encrypted, compressed and authenticated. This allows the required data to be ready for delivery to the network nodes.

Wi-Fi Heatmap Survey

Exclusive View of Wireless Signal Coverage and Strength

A Wi-Fi heatmap is a visual representation of the wireless signal coverage and strength. Wi-Fi heatmaps are generally overlaid on top of a building or facility floorplan to help give network owners a clear idea of where problem areas are located in relation to the collected survey data.

  • Plan more accurately
  • Visualize your network
  • Prevent signal weak spots

WiFi Channel Coverage

Providing you the most ideal WiFi connection deployment

Better Range (2.4 GHZ)

  •  Pros : 2.4Ghz  travel further and better at penetrating solid objects and larger area. 
  • Usage: Suitable for devices that moves around a lot throughout the day (like laptop), especially if you have a large office, the 2.4 GHz frequency is the most suitable.
  • Max Speed: 450Mbps – 600Mbps

Better Bandwidth (5.0 GHZ)

  • Pros: 5GHZ frequencies provide faster speeds and higher data rate at shorter range.
  • Usage: Devices doesn’t need to be moved around much and can be located near your router, 5 GHz is your best choice to reduce congestion and take advantage of higher speeds.
  • Max Speed: 1.3 Gbps

Consumer vs Business WiFi

Consumer Wi-Fi

Business Wi-Fi

Business WiFi Devices

wifi solutions it solutions malaysia pj klang selangor

Access Point

WLAN device that acts as a central point and allows Ethernet networks to be interconnected with wireless networks. That is, wired and wireless networks.



Connect two or more networks in different locations. It also provides high-speed data that improves connections.

The main function of these bridges are to connect those places where it is very difficult to have a wired connection, i.e. university facilities, floors of non-continuous buildings, widely separated offices,among others.

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Enterprise-grade router with high flexibility allowing easy configuration according to your needs.

Many of these devices have the functionality of a Gateway, they also have WAN and LAN ports, where WAN is considered as another host of the wired network while LAN is a private network or also known as the private wireless network.



Connect to the network and has been designed to allow hosts on these networks to access the Internet. It has firewall-based security and NAT/PAT service, as well as DHCP server.



Adapters are presented according to the connection types and there are three types of them, USB connection, PCI and PCMCIA, antennas that can be external or integrated to them.


Print Servers

Connect a printer or any other device to a network without the need to have a wired connection, thus improving its operation and the use of the resources of each of the computers.

Setting Up Wifi Network

WiFi has proven to be a way of providing reliable in-building wireless access


vpn setup

VPN helps protect your information while using the web.

VPN is one of a crucial assets if the user wants to be safer on the web, as it can encrypt all the data send over the internet, hide user location as it only shows VPN’s IP address and block malicious websites.

DNS Setup

Accurate information & reporting helps your company growth and future expansion.

DNS not only ensure faster and reliable connections, with DNS setup can unblock sites blocked by ISP or block sites at the domain level. Users are able to blacklist and whitelist sites for your whole WIFI network, restrict online ads and so on.

Custom Captive Portal

A custom login page that user obligates to view and interact before access is granted.

A captive portal able to force the user to at least look at acceptable use policy (AUP) page, and then click on a button indicating agreement to the terms of the policy. Captive portal can help absolve the provider from liability in the event the user commits criminal activity while logged on.


Multiple SSID could be achieved to isolate or group up users.

Multiple SSID could be achieve in many ways, one of it is different bandwidth configuration. Some router comes with dual band and we can configure both bandwidth of 2.4ghz and 5ghz so that user can choose their desire bandwidth back and forth.


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