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POS system or point of sale system is a computerized network operated by one main computer, which is connected to checkout terminals. 

A system that helps your business to work on complete sales transactions. It is an augmented cash register because POS systems can do so much more than just process payments.

Common Issues


Legacy Systems are an older generation of technology which prohibits interactions with newer systems. Due to its fixed algorithms, changing the program requires high-level expertise therefore making communication is unavailable.


Legacy systems are more vulnerable to hackers than newer systems. Legacy systems have outdated data security measures, such as hard-coded passwords which can be easily cracked and retrieved with modern day technology.


Making changes to the table layout, price and menu is difficult and perplexing without the POS system. Due to the lack of facilities, update, add or delete data are also limited due to its outdated system software. This will also affect the connection with computers.

The Facts

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Types of POS Systems

Choose the best and most suitable POS System for your business

POS System Cashiers

POS system cashiers provide different features depending on what is beneficial and suitable to your business. Either way, each POS system feature will definitely help you manage and grow your business during the Covid pandemic. The main three POS system features for any business owner should have in their visions are:

This system will help to manage your incoming and outgoing stock of your business. Statistics and calculations are made to help visualize the outcome at the end of each day by providing you the figures for data keeping.

This systems will also help your business by tracking your employees’ attendance, characteristics and behavior during working. 

This system also helps track salaries for each employee, add new staffs, delete staffs or even update the employee’s data to manage better. 

Managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. 

A tool that helps your company by contacting to management, sales management, agent productivity, and many more.

Cashless POS System

With Cashless POS system, payments in your business will go further as it brings more safety to everyday transactions in your businesses. Using the online payment can guarantee you the best service and facilities that bring your customers less worries and a peace of mind when purchasing a product. Benefits of using cashless POS System are as such:

POS System

Modern systems for professional-level businesses

POS System are so versatile that it can easily handle continuous check-outs with greater flexibility. While the cashier can use the system to seamlessly process discounts, coupons, vouchers and membership card programs among others.

Legacy Systems

Traditional systems used before cloud technology

Legacy systems are outdated computing software and/or hardware that are still in use till this modern day. The system still meets the needs it was originally designed for.

In businesses, it may bring frustration as saving data is hard to be saved as it consumes a lot of time. Data are always needed to be updated to ensure no data are loss during any updates.

Our Services

Providing our clients with professional standard services


Our team ensures each POS system are set up at the best location for your area. We provide a quick but reliable setup for our clients to have an excellent experience and get their business up and running as soon as possible.


Our team will provide the setting up all required hardware according to your working layout for installing the POS system and connections into your business. We will also install the required drivers and software.


Our team ensures a customizable setup for your business data into the POS system computers for ease of use for your employees. Prices, products, dates, user information and menus will be easy to access for future updates.

POS System Benefits

Understand the benefits of a POS System for your business


An easy-to-use POS system also helps speed up your checkout process during peak hours, which helps drive more sales for your business. You also save money because you’re able to track your finances better via its real-time reporting feature.​


A POS system is able to give you real-time data so you can make fast and smart business decisions to help increase sales and profit. All the information that are needed are stored in the system, so don’t need to manually check the selling item.​


This is useful as if you have more than one store in another location, as you’ll be able to keep track of all the inventory of all your stores without needing to be present at each store every time you need to check on your stock.​


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