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During these new era of IT which are thriving new network technologies from WAN to SD-WAN which creates an opening to a faster and reliable network structure to your businesses.

SD-WAN significantly increases WAN network reliability, agility and also its  performance multiple active devices, load-sharing connections of any type (Broadband/cables, 3G/4G/5G).

Common Issues


Without proper network infrastructure, its bandwidth can cause significantly loss amount of signals around the building.


High risk of getting hacked, spams or even DDOS attacks due to lack of security on your network WAN.

Slow Connectivity

The lack of internet and latency that are propagating through the patch cords or wireless are due to your WAN infrastructure

The Facts

Global SD-WAN Annual Growth
SD-WAN Market Size
2020 - 2025
Worldwide Upgrades Networks Within a Year

Analysis extracted from various sources

Our Services

Your expectation is our goal

ISP Tower Checking

Our professional IT team will provide nearest ISP towers towards your buildings. WAN services to each of the branch which can be done fast and simple.

Migrate to Hybrid WAN

Our team will then help to migrate your network infrastructure by deploying SD-WAN solutions without the changing your existing MPLS networks.


After our team have done deploying, settings will be configure to do automation towards your working environment which provides easy-to-use tools and automatically changes traffic flows depending on the situations. 


Your expectation is our goal

Shared Internet

Commonly used type of network infrastructure used by many businesses. Sharing same resources in one server to host your websites.

Dedicated Server​

With your own dedicated server, dedicated line to your building or own data center, implementing SD-WAN to your network will be recommended


With high-speed and industrial grade cellular SIM cards, high performance can be achieve in mobile computing, networking and any IoT devices. Just plug in the SIM and it can operate how it was design to.


Location that are far from the city region may cause of network failure, with the help of MSAT satellite dish, network signals are able to propagate to your building or home.



  • SD-WAN provides simplified Quality of Service (QoS) 
  • Higher prioritization of critical applications across the WAN.
  • SD-WAN provides real-time traffic monitoring for better traffic flow.
  • Able to support high-bandwidth intensive applications simultaneously


  • Failover of switching to a standby mode when your primary application goes down.
  • Configuration is housed locally on each individual router, but is typically templated.
  • Requires a significant amount of time are needed for your hosting to be available on the net.

SD-WAN Advantages

Greater Advantages brings Better Improvements

Stronger Bandwidth

Videos and cloud storages are continued to consume a growing amount of WAN traffic in the networks. With the help of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), are able to forward the data technology that increases the speed and controls the flow of network traffics.


All traffic to or from the cloud must be routed long the corporate data center for security functions , user experience & response times to avoid negative impacts. Additional security functions (e.g. firewall, anti-virus/malware, DNS) are required if cloud resources are accessed directly from the branch office.


When deploying SD-WAN into your network infrastructure, capacity of traffics can dynamically scale up or down without replacement or add additional hardware to boost the network traffics.



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