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SSD Upgrade

During Covid-19 pandemic, students and workers have shifted to study online or work from home which made computers essential devices to perform  day-to-day operations. Upgrading to SSD is affordable and can make enormous changes to your computer’s speed and performance.

Lim Zhi Sien, Reviewer

"Zen-Y provided me with a new SSD and quick installation for my laptop. The team is quite eager to help their customers and deliver as expected from a client's standpoint. Thank you to Zen-Y! Definitely recommend checking them out. 😀

Electronic & PC Recycle

Let's Reuse, Reduced & Recycle!


Recycle your computer or any electronic devices to help save the world! Or donate your electronics to orphanages that requires electronic devices. We offer free pick-ups as long as you are in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor.

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