Door Access

Secure your residential and building assets


Smart Door

Smart Door Access confines entrance to secure the compound of property, building and room. The system helps boosting security and convenience by providing 24/7 protection and access.

Common Issues

Problems that most people face when it comes to Audio and Visuals

Break Ins

Outdated and old access door system are vulnerable towards he thieves by using hacking tools or break in tools to break in without alarming the access system.

Evade access entry

Staff without proper certificate or trust can easily walk-in into the private server or top-secret place by just using an access card without any secured programmed.

Duplicated Access card

With duplicated access cards, older system cannot detect its clone card as may easily be accessed by an unauthorized staff or people with the cloned access card.

The Facts

Ineffective Door Access system can cause significant impact to your lifestyle.

Malaysia Access Control System Market revenue
Smart Door Lock
Compound Annual Growth Rate
World Wide Smart Door Lock Market
2020 - 2027

Statistic extracted from various sources.

Smart Features

Person access Restriction

Restriction of access applied to visitor while allowing automatic access to authorized people.

Time access Restriction

Allow access based on standard shift pattern in which executives can enter the building at any time.

Area access Restriction

Restrict people to enter certain areas. For example, you only need IT technician allowed in your server room.

Condition access restriction

Set your system so authorized people are allowed access if they’ve presented their certification.

Easy Identification

Complete set of identifier to secure your assets.

Card Access


Easy to manage RFID card access control system

Security Pin


PIN codes or passwords help increase your security


Biometric scan using fingerprint or Iris

Features & Benefits


Control and Security

By using an electronic access control system, you can avoid the downsides of using mechanical keys and also gain much more control.


Variety of Identifier

Combine two different methods to increase security standards: identification and verification. First method is to identify yourself and the second to verify that's you.


End-to-end Security

Gain protection from the threat of cyber attacks using end-to-end security. It combines the latest IT principles of encryption and strong authentication to achieve secure communication.

Online Access Console

Log-in anywhere to control and monitor access via a web-based dashboard while adding more functionality to your system by selecting extra options from our access control software.

Product Inclusion

Quick Installation

* Installed by our experience engineers

Product Tutorial

* Step-by-step guide from technician

Professional Support

* Taken care by friendly helpdesk



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