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Web hosting is now one of the most important key to boost your business to greater heights. With the pandemic happening, hosting websites for your business will attract many internet users. 

When Internet users want to view your website, all they need to do is type your website address or domain into their browser. Their computer will then connect to your server and your webpages will be delivered to them through the browser.

Common Issues

The regular struggles that most web hosting services encounter


Vulnerabilities towards your website are very common due to its programming and its weak algorithms due to the programmer does not programmed properly can cause hackers to easily attack the website. Without proper security features can effect performance.


Servers which are not frequently updated can cause your site to slow down. Loading pages are slow due to high traffic in the servers and could bring frustration to many users. Videos and pictures in a website may slow down the page as it requires more data to load.


Poor redundancy can cause slow response, risk of losing data, load balancing, or maintenance. Crucial data can either be corrupted or lost due to server down when there is no backup server to host your websites. Downtime will also occur frequently.

The Facts

Worldwide Internet Hosts
Global Web Hosting Market
Global Website Builder Market

Analysis extracted from various sources

Domain Registration

There are three common domains used in Malaysia which are .com , and .my


Every domain names are powered by a registry operator. As the registry operator for .com, it enables the whole world to connect online with reliability and confidence, anytime, anywhere. With this domain, you don’t need any documents when purchasing the domain.

For example: 



On Malaysian viewers or audiences, is a frequent domain registration for Malaysia and for international. For / .my where it’s only open for Malaysian businesses or entity. This domain is well suited for Malaysian companies which are ready to go online.

For example: 



.my is our country internet domain code for Malaysia. The Malaysia Network Information Centre is currently the registry and registrar for the domain, which are in charge of registration, billing, system administration and policies thus operation of the domain.

For example: 


Domain Security Features

SSL Certified registration domain which protects your websites from dangers


SSL is a type of security feature where there is an encryption layer for your visitors when they visit your website. This helps to transmit private information without any problems of eavesdropping, data tampering or even message forgery.

For example: 

  • https://.(domainname).com
  • https://.mail.(domainname).com
  • https://.store.(domainname).com


A SSL Wildcard certificate is a certificate which contains a character (*) in the domain name field. This allows the website and subdomains to be secured under one base domain which protects information between visitors and host.

For example: 

*.(domainname).com, could be used for: 

  • www.(domainname).com
  • mail.(domainname).com
  • store.(domainname).com
  • (domainname).com.

Hosting Classifications


Web or mail hosting is a subset of a virtual private server and is divided into more partitions. This means you can use your virtual private server to create multiple servers to host your website or your mail site.

Business Web Hosting Benefits

  • Hosted in High Performance Servers 
  • Hundreds of CPUs and Thousands GB of RAM
  • Host Your Professional Business Website
  • Create Unlimited Business Email Accounts
  • Powerful cPanel Web Control Panel


With a virtual private server, you are able to partition into many individual servers. Control your own private server with a software without affecting other partitions which is convenient for other servers.

Business VPS Benefits

  • Compute optimized machines
  • Offer high-end vCPU performance
  • Compute-intensive workloads
  • Memory optimized
  • Great for in-memory databases


Dedicated Server is where you will have your own physical server to host all your websites and stores your crucial data into one large server. Client leases an entire server and is not shared with anyone else.

Business Dedicated Data Hosting Benefits

  • High Performance
  • Strong Network connectivity
  • Large Bandwidth
  • Fully Dedicated Hardware
  • Equipped with Anti-DDoS Protection

Hosting Platform

The entire hosting environment of your websites lives in the platform you prefer which offers the ultimate in flexibility and cost-effectiveness for your usage. You’re able to choose which operating system which best suits for your company. The best platform depends on your usage.

Linux Centos

Linux CentOS, our Hosting Platform services has many types of free programming languages and also equipped with free DOS which can develop many things if its implemented properly in your company. It also offers more free utilities and stability.


Windows operating system is one of our best Hosting Platform services that allows you to design and build your website with greater performance and better security features but requires a windows license. It also offer a more user-friendly setup.

Data Hosting Advantages

Understand how data hosting can benefit your home/business environment

Improved Redundancy

Data hosting helps in network redundancy which ensures all your hosted data are able to backup, load balancing and do maintenance on the servers. Power Redundancy allows sufficient power to be available for backup to avoid downtime.

Improved Data Security

With a quality host, you can have multiple levels of security on the website. Firewall protection on the servers help run security measures on the website which prevents hackers from entering your site by using the same server.

Better Connectivity

High uptime can be very beneficial for your business as your site is often available for users to access and view. With a good Web hosting provider, it will be more reliable for your business to expand and improve.

Dedicated & Server Co-location

With our server Co-Location services, your equipment can be located in multiple places nearer your internal staff and clients


You can co-locate your Server, Switch, Firewall, Load Balancer, Modem or Storage in our state Selangor data center and are monitored by 24/7 with networking monitoring system. In Malaysia, we cater to users in Singapore, Indonesia and our neighboring countries to host in our country.


You can also co-locate your Server, Switch, Firewall, Load Balancer, Modem or Storage in Hong Kong which is our data center which monitors the servers 24/7 with our networking monitoring system. In Hong Kong, we cater to users in China to host in Hong Kong.

Tier-3 Data Center

Tier-3 data center is a place where there are power and network redundancy and serves as a dual-powered server, storage, network links and other IT components. It is one of the most commonly used data center tiers in Malaysia, where the IT components are powered with multiple, active and independent sources of power and cooling resources to boost up performance. 

Tier 3 data centers features highly tight security so that hackers or thieves are unable to penetrate through the security which prevents them from accessing the servers. With our Tier-3 Data Centers, we ensure that all your websites are able to be hosted in our data centers without any hassle and highly secured to increase convenience and prevention.

HDC Data Center

HDC Tier-3 data center features full data center facilities including Dedicated Rack, Shared Rack, Private Suite to suit your business needs. They also offer several solutions and services to increase workflow.

AIMS Data Center​

AIMS features a vast array of intelligent rack solutions that improves the management and maintenance of critical IT equipment, resulting in increased efficiency and up-time. 

CX2 Data Center​

CX2 data center features Industrial level build quality data center which is an anti earthquake location featuring safer grounds. It also helps to avoid any data loss with all tight security checks.


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