Transform data center into flexible cloud infrastructure

Storage Management

Cutting edge technology that allows businesses to distribute resources of physical hardware to ongoing workloads more effectively.

The main benefit of virtualization is the massive cost savings it brings and discover more capabilities that would never be possible within a physical infrastructure.

Why virtualize your server

Even with a limited budget even small business still has an upper hand in the competition

Reduction in application downtime
Improved in IT productivity
Reduction in hardware budget

Information extracted from VMware

Features & Benefits

Virtualization boost data storage and business productivity

Minimize data loss & streamline data transfers

Upgrading components or changing locations can be a serious problem if you require significant up times.

Effortless Asset Management

Virtual machines are easier to manage than physical hardware, and they don’t come with the hefty acquisition cost.

Faster Server Provision & Deployment

Server virtualization enables system provisioning and deployment within minutes, allowing you to clone an existing virtual machine without hassle.

Save space and reduce costs

Running a Server consist of multiple cost such as electricity and it takes up some margin of space.

Types of Server Virtualization

Full Virtualization

Full virtualization optimize the physical server’s resources and keeps each virtual server independent.

It relays resources from the physical server to the correct virtual server as it runs applications. 


Para-virtualization involves the entire network working together as a cohesive unit.

Benefit is that does not need to use as much processing power to manage the operating systems.

OS-Level Virtualization

OS-level visualization does not use a hypervisor.

Instead, the virtualization capability, which is part of the physical server operating system, performs all the tasks of a hypervisor.


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