58% of Malaysia Spend on Private Cloud Due to Pandemic

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According to a recent survey on cloud computing in Malaysia, private cloud has a drastic increase in demand with about 58% of Malaysians invested in a private cloud, which is higher than the global average of 37% and 44% in Asia-Pacific countries. Malaysia reportedly has the most drastic increase in private cloud adoption due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Malaysians are optimistic about expanding their multi public cloud solutions with a higher usage, about 6% increase in the future. Next year, they expect a higher usage on two of their public cloud services with about 14% increase, from 25% to 39% and 13% to 22% for three public clouds.

96% of the respondents from Malaysia consider hybrid cloud as the most ideal IT operating model, more than those in the Asia-Pacific region of 90% and the globally of 87%. Hybrid cloud usage in Malaysia has increased to 14% and expected to grow to 57% in a span of five years. 



Why Choose Private Cloud:

Photograph: Synology Private Cloud NAS

  • Improved Resource Utilization

Virtualization technology is used to deliver the many of the benefits of cloud computing. Most Virtualization is able to provide private cloud users with improved resource utilization by deploying workloads to different physical servers according to the change in resources. With that said, resources that are dedicated to a particular server can also be tweaked to satisfy the changing demands of any specific application.

  • Reduced Costs

Due to the flexibility and improved resource utilization, not only this allows organizations to ensure application performance, but also reduce costs by fully utilizing their servers. Besides saving money over a traditional on-premise environment, it costs less than a public cloud environment for some organizations.

  • Increased Flexibility

Organizations that are migrating from a traditional on-premise system usually prefer to deploy their workloads to the private cloud, as it can be customized to support any application.

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