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What is Cyber Security?

Well as we all know, nowadays people are now getting knowledge on how important cybersecurity is to the society as everyone in the world are focusing on the era of a new world of technologies. As not only that, but people also who are well educated on Information Technologies are using the wrong way or to say abuse its power to get other people information, meaning to say, they hack in a false procedure. But how the real and educated thus disciplined people who studied IT can save the era of technologies?

With the help of cybersecurity, these roles play a huge responsibility as protecting the users’ data from the hands of scammers and hackers. These people are sometimes like to toy with the big companies as they tried to hack into their system to take control of anything they see pleasure. 

Can say it’s like something crazy, but also intelligent. But with a stronger security system in the company, it would take like few hundreds of years on planning to hack 1 firewall, but also imagine with security patches on the security system, it could even take forever to hack in. 

In Malaysia, 20% of its system to be hacked nowadays are increasing in numbers, 1200 over devices are affected and 1400 over intrusion attacks. These are lack due to its security system itself or the people itself are not monitoring properly to come out with patches. These are normally called human error and not the system itself. With better supervision and education on security staffs, our Malaysia security system would be a much better as compared to our neighboring countries.

In a contrary, our Malaysia security system is considered very good in terms of security as we have a lot of educated cybersecurity partners and people. But we cannot let it slide as we are needed to strengthen the power of our cybersecurity team and grow stronger against the evil ones. 


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