TSMC rumored to produce CPUs on 5nm Process Node in 2H 2021 and 3nm high-end CPUs in 2H 2022 for Intel

Reports from TrendForce that TSMC will be manufacturing Intel’s CPUs on 5nm and 3nm process nodes.
Reports also indicate Intel’s Core i3 CPUs will be produced on TSMC’s in-house 5nm manufacturing process in 2H 2021 whereas Intel’s mid-range and high-performance lineup will be produced on 3nm Node in 2H 2022.

As for Intel’s DG1, Tiger Lake and SG1 processors, will still be manufactured on Intel’s on 10 nm SuperFin process. On the report of TrendForce, Intel’s decision to outsource 5nm nodes will allow them to compete and maintain existence as a major IDM making higher margin chips and maintaining in-house production.

Furthermore, Intel will also be able to make use of heterogeneous ‘chiplet’ production and packaging.

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