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In year 2020, Covid-19 pandemic has forced most of the businesses to work remotely. Employees can face with IT related trouble when working home such as system crashes, and device failures. Our team is set to provide complimentary instant remote support for client anytime anywhere during this pandemic period.

Common IT Issues

Explore your IT problems below & resolve your hiccups 

Email Errors

Microsoft outlook Setup, spam email and send receive errors

  • Outlook cannot connect to the Internet.
  • Some POP and IMAP email accounts use outgoing mail (SMTP) servers that require authentication.
  • The ISP or network firewall is blocking the connection to your email service outgoing mail (SMTP) server.
  • Your network needs a proxy server to connect to the mail server.
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP server) setting error.
  • Unable to connect to the server due to network reasons
  • The most common reason for not receiving emails is disk quota issues. When you create an email account with us, you will get a certain amount of space (disk space) on the server to store your web files and emails. With an IMAP account, more storage is stored on the server, so your account needs more space. When the mailbox is full, you can still send emails, but all emails sent to you will be returned to the customer.
  • The sudden influx of unsendable mail indicates that your email account has been compromised.
  • As the Outlook add-in becomes unreliable, it sometimes causes the program to run incorrectly. Outlook archives inbox messages to reduce the size of the mailbox. However, the size of the mailbox keeps increasing as the number of items continues; therefore, efforts to provide smooth access to the mailbox ultimately result in the “Microsoft Outlook is not responding when sending emails” error. In addition, any advanced security settings in any antivirus program will prevent Outlook from running properly. There are other reasons for this error. This error often occurs if the Outlook program hangs/freezes while sending mail.

Printer Configuration

Problems in scanning and printing via USB or network connection

  • If there is a title page but nothing else
  • The hardware is the first aspect to check. Make sure that the printer is plugged in and turned on. The printer hardware includes the printer, the cable that connects the printer to the computer, and the ports into which each end of the cable is inserted. The general method is to check from the printer to the computer.
  • This type of problem is more common when a remote print request is issued from a print client to a print server.
  • The printer must be enabled and accepting requests before it can generate output. If the LP print service does not accept the request for the printer, it will reject the submitted print request. Usually in this case, the user will receive a warning message after submitting the print request.
  • The printer and print service software are not configured correctly, the printer may print, but the output provided may not be what you expect.
  • When the baud setting of the computer does not match the baud setting of the printer, you usually get some output, but the output looks different from the file submitted for printing. Random characters will be displayed, with an unusual mix of special characters and extra space. The default setting for the LP print service is 9600 baud.
  • If the file contains tabs, but the printer does not expect the tabs, the printed output may contain the entire contents of the file, but the text may be squeezed to the right. In addition, if the printer’s tabs are not set correctly, the text may not have a left margin, are all squeezed together, concentrated in a certain part of the page, or set to the wrong double spacing
  • The user may enter a print request and receive notification that the client system has accepted the request, and then receive an email that the print server rejects the request
  •  The print client may want to accept the request, but the print server rejects the request.
  • The definition of the printer in the print client does not match the definition of the printer in the print server. Specifically, the definitions of print job components such as filters, character sets, print wheels, or formats are different in the client and server systems.

Computer Troubleshoot

Identify system slow errors

  • Connection and connector failures refer to failures caused by poor connection or poor contact of the connectors.
  • The faults caused by jumpers and settings refer to the malfunction of the equipment due to the adjustment of the jumper switch of the equipment, which changes the working parameters of the equipment, so that the equipment cannot work normally.
  • Hardware compatibility failures refer to failures due to the inability of more than two components in the computer to work together.
  • Faults caused by power supply refer to faults caused by insufficient power supply voltage or low power supply or no power supply. This fault usually causes failures such as failure to turn on and continuous restart of the computer.
  • The faults caused by the components refer to the malfunctioning or inoperable faults caused by the quality of the components or external electromagnetic wave interference. Repairing such faults usually requires replacing the faulty components. Or eliminate electromagnetic interference.
  • Component and chip failure refers to failures caused by damage to components and chips in the motherboard and other components of the computer

Computer Troubleshoot

Identify app software, and internet browser errors

  • Software compatibility failure refers to failures caused by incompatibility between application software and operating system.
  • System configuration failure refers to the failure caused by modifying the system setting options in the operating system.
  • Virus failure refers to the failure of system files or applications in the computer that are infected with viruses and cause damage and cannot operate normally.
  • Operational failure refers to the failure of the computer program or the computer cannot be started due to improper operations such as accidental deletion of files or illegal shutdown.
  • Application failure refers to failures caused by application damage or application file loss.

Remote Support Facts

IT issues can be solved in 30 minutes
Time saving without travel to site
Issues can be settled in one call

Statistic extracted from various sources.

Advantages Remote Support


Using advanced remote technology software, problems can be solved efficiently and securely

Low Cost

Enjoy professional, efficient and satisfactory service without worrying
to reach our support team

Light Speed

Authorize our team engineer through the remote assistance software and instantly “attend” to the user problem

Steps to raise up an issue


1. Information

Fill in your problem details via email to [email protected] or register at


Following our experts will review your issue and contact you to schedule based on your preferred time for a remote support session

3. Support Ready

Get connected with TeamViewer or UltraViewer application with ID and password to allow us take control over of your screen.

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Professional Advice

To provide best upgrade solutions in hardware or software.

  • Provide customers with the best and reliable software and hardware products, and comprehensively solve the technical services of various compatibility issues between software, hardware and systems on site
  • Field control station hardware upgrade, computer hardware upgrade or replacement, system network hardware upgrade, DCS system software upgrade (configuration software and monitoring software), system architecture optimization, configuration and debugging services

Software Installation

Third party software license enquiry, update and installation.

  • When dealing with Microsoft software operating systems, it is not enough to install and configure the operating system correctly. There will always be patches and updates to solve general problems of the operating system, or important security-related patches to make the operating system more secure. These are released from Microsoft on a monthly basis. Usually, these patches require a system restart after installation. This is usually a time-consuming task. Let Zen-Y’s technicians complete this task remotely, so that you can use the time saved in other more critical areas of your business.
  • Zen-Y will help your business determine the most suitable solution for your business, but we also recognize that no antivirus software can find all viruses. In the fight against computer viruses, Zen-Y always has multiple types of antivirus software to assist any software your business is running.
  • As the company grows, many companies must purchase industry-specific software. The software is suitable for the industry and needs the attention of software vendors. Usually, supplier terminology is not easy to understand, but Zen-Y can help turn supplier dialogue into reality. This can help you keep your business updated without having to be an expert in vendor software. We will install and update regularly according to the needs of your company and the software you need, and we can also help you activate it remotely.

Warranty Checking

Check on computer hardware status and warranty extension.

  • The hardware detection status includes the usage of CPU, motherboard, memory, graphics card, monitor, hard disk, network card, sound card, and all connected USB devices, including almost all device information on your computer. At the same time, hardware detection will also monitor the current hardware status in real time, including temperature, fan speed, and voltage.
  • We will also follow up the warranty status of your equipment in real time and remind you of the warranty period to help you perform efficient repairs. If the warranty expires, we will carry out effective repair or send it back to the manufacturer for negotiation and discuss repair matters.


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