Disk Degauss


Privacy Protected Anti-Loss

Disk Degausser

Degaussing data from your unused or faulty Hard Disk or SSD will come in handy as it prevents other users from stealing data  


Step 1:

Complete a booking form to arrange a pickup or drop off. Just specify your personal details and convenient time for us to reach you. Just click the button below to direct to the form!

Step 2:

We offer free device pickup at your location wherever you are as long as you located in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Just let us know your location and we will pickup whenever you’re ready!

Step 3:
Degauss Item

We strongly encourage users to degauss your old HDD/SSD which are not in used to broken them down from being stolen even though the disk are empty.

Donate for Reuse

If your product can be reused, donate it to us. We will ensure that it’s fully functional before we export it. Due to the pandemic, orphanages are lacking computer/laptops as they have many children and classes are mostly online now.

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All IT equipment are recycled responsibly and educate the community of e-waste.

Cost Free

It’s FREE! No cost to you!! Donate to orphanages that needs help.

Collection Service

KL & Selangor collection services are provided.

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Here are the Lists of IT Equipment that we collect 

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